Getting Your First Invert

Getting upside down opens up a whole new world of possibilities and exciting moves on the pole, but sometimes it doesn’t come as naturally as we would like it to! It took me over five months to get my first invert so I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like it’s just not happening for you. Here’s some tips that I hope will help you on your upside-down journey:



1. Focus on building lower abdominal strength- start small and try 10 sit ups and 10 lying down leg lifts each day and increase the number of reps or sets as it gets easier.

2. Remember to try to look where you want to go and not straight ahead- the thing that made the biggest difference to me was really concentrating on tilting my head back to try to look behind me at the same time as kicking my legs up. If you look straight ahead you likely will get stuck halfway!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for a spotter- if you’re feeling a little nervous about being upside down it can really help to have someone there to catch you (a little push doesn’t hurt either to get your body used to the movement).

4. Take a break and do something easier if you’re getting frustrated- eventually you’ll be upside down and flying but try to enjoy the journey in the meantime.

Pole student Bethany learning to go upside down on a pole


Written by Bethany Williams - Pol-arise Newcastle Student since Feb 2018

A Taste Of Burlesque

Here's a teaser of what goes on in a Burlesque class at Pol-arise Newcastle...



Burlesque Ladies Dance Class Newcastle Adults

If you wanna learn how to shake what your mama gave you, then check out the Timetable Page for the next available session.

No experience is needed for this class, just a positive attitude :)


Written by Traci Hauptman

I can’t even tell you how many times a day I hear “oh my god, you own a pole dancing studio!? I’ve always wanted to try that but I’m _________”. I hear it so often that this post is dedicated to you hesitant pole virgins and your most common fears.

I understand that pole dancing can be intimidating to those outside of the pole community. A lot of that comes from our own insecurities as well as the fear of the unknown. From talking to women outside of the pole world I’ve come to realize that there’s a common misconception that pole studios are filled with nothing but 20-year-old stick figured Playboy Playmates sauntering around in pasties and g-strings. Don’t worry pole virgin, that’s not what you’re going to find when you step into the pole studio. You’re going to find women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You’re going to find women just like you.

So let’s get rid of any fears you might have right now:

1. I’m too old to pole dance

If you still love to have fun and shake your ass then you’re still young enough to pole dance.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite students, Jamie. She’s 51 years old and has a full time career, three kids in their 20’s, and a new grandson. She’s been pole dancing for three years and is the sexiest grandma I know! Check out her performance from the last Dollhouse performance party here

Edited to add:

Our favourite pole dancing grandma is Bronwen aka. "Bruzilla" (featured below). She was dragged along to her first pole class back in 2011 by her daughter Shey who needed a buddy to go with but Bronwen soon become addicted (as we all do) and has since become a beloved member of the Pol-arise Newcastle team. She will be celebrating her 57th birthday this May and is on a mission to prove that you're never too old to pole dance!

Bronwen And Joe Smaller

2. I don’t have enough upper body strength to pole dance

I’m not gonna lie, pole dancing is tough! It takes a lot of strength to be able to invert into a gorgeous straddle. The good news is that us pole instructors know this and we don’t expect you to be She-Ra Princess of Power when you walk in the door. Most of the women that I work with can barely do a proper push up in their first class. So we start out slow with simple conditioning exercises and basic pole moves to build strength for more advanced tricks. I recommend taking a minimum of 2 classes a week to see improvements in strength, but of course you will get stronger faster if you practice more often or do conditioning at home.

3. I’m not sexy enough to pole dance

This is like saying “I can’t take French class because I don’t speak French”. Of course you don’t speak it yet, that’s why you need the lessons!

One of the the best things about pole dancing is tapping into that sexy part of yourself that you might not be familiar with yet, but trust me, it’s there. It might feel a little fake or silly at first, but with the right instructor and the right atmosphere your inner sex goddess will start to emerge. We all have different ideas of what is sexy, so find an instructor that inspires you.

4. I’m too big (out of shape) to pole dance

I have women of ALL shapes, sizes, and fitness levels take my classes, and guess what? They all rock. Pole dancing is all about embracing the female form and we celebrate variety. Not to mention it’s a killer work out and a fun way to get in shape. Contact your local studio and have them recommend a class that will be good fit for you.

All Shapes And Sizes

5. I don’t want to wear shorts to class

If you are just going to an intro or beginner pole dance class chances are that you’ll be fine in your cutest yoga pants. But if you want to learn to climb, invert, or do anything aerial you need skin contact to stick to the pole which means yes, you will have to wear shorts. Calm down virgin, take a deep breath. Remember that the whole class will be wearing shorts and that you only have to wear them in the safe (and hopefully low lit) space of the studio. Remember that you’ll be defying gravity and being an aerial bad ass with those hard working legs, and maybe they deserve a little exposure.

6. I’m scared I’ll get hurt

If you go to the correct class for your skill level at a studio with good instruction and pay attention to the instructor you should not get injured. Make sure that the studio offers proper warm up to avoid pulling muscles and shoulder injuries. Choose an instructor that breaks down moves, offers variations for your comfort level, and spots you when learning tricks. Pay attention to the steps and don’t try to rush ahead to moves that are more advanced than you can handle. Be patient and you shouldn’t get hurt. Disclaimer: This isn’t to say that you aren’t going to get bruises (you will) or there won’t be pain (there will be) because that is part of the process.

7. I’m worried about what my friends/family/coworkers will think

Fuck ’em!

Ok virgin, I think you’re ready! If you have another fear or worry about taking a pole class pole class please leave it in the comments below. If you’re already a pole goddess then please leave a word of encouragement or advice below for our pole virgins and share this post with those friends that you’ve been trying to persuade to come to class with you.

xo Traci

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I see this a lot. In basic inverts, in Vs, in aerial Vs, in shoulder mounts the list goes on.

If you are having trouble achieving certain inverting moves, you may think that sneaky toe is your friend or the only way you can make it over. It is that same sneaky toe grab that may be creating your problems. But why is it a problem? Answers…

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