Pole Dance Classes


Turn Your World Upside-Down with Pol-arise Fitness & Dance Classes!

Pole & Aerial Dance Fitness is an exciting and motivating way to get fit.Our classes are very casual and unpretentious - we are normal, everyday women like you. We are students, mums, wives, professionals and business people who also love to fly around in the air from time to time.


Our Signature Term Classes are an hour long and are run in 8 week blocks (unless otherwise specified). Student numbers are strictly limited in these classes to ensure maximum attention and safety for all students. Our classes are progressive, you start with the easy stuff and work your way up – and you go at your own pace. So you don’t need to be super fit to start your Pol-arise Dance Fitness journey.


"Having started pole again recently, in a Las Vegas studio, I can say that I have come to further appreciate the Pol-arise structured curriculum and sensibly leveled learning - not all studios teach that way and I think Pol-arise reduces injury risk and optimises strength and learning by implementing such stages." - Emily, physiotherapist & former Pol-arise Newcastle instructor


If you’re just getting started, you should check out one of our “Essentials” classes, either Pole Essentials or Aerial Essentials.


If you are coming to us from another studio, make sure you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss where you are up to, and we can work out the best class for you.

For more info, check out our Class Descriptions below.




Beginners pole dancing trick the Pole SitLevel 1 - Pole Essentials is for those who are just getting started. This is where you’ll learn the FUN-damentals of pole dance. In this class you will learn how to perform several spins with correct technique, on both spinning and static dance poles. You will also learn some tricks seated on the pole and at the end of the course be shown how to safely complete your first inversions on the pole with a spotter i.e. go upside down! Yes it’s fun! and YES, you CAN and will be able to do it!

We will also do lots of strength and conditioning exercises throughout the course, to help you build the strength required to do the moves. Find out when Pole Essentials is on

Polarise Level 2 pole trick the Venus aka Cross Knee Release

Once you’ve completed the Essentials we’ll move on to some more challenging moves and continue to build your strength. In these classes, not only will we extend upon and perfect the spin combinations and dance moves previously learnt, you will learn some great new pole skills as well.

Level 2 - Get Vertical focuses on building the strength and muscle memory in your climbs, spins and inversions. You will work more on going upside down and will take your hands off in inverted tricks. You will learn to climb and descend the pole with correct technique. As well as learning those classic pole dancing moves such as “Hello Boys”, “Crucifix” and your bent leg layback “Venus”. In this course we will also work on drills to help you succeed in your Inverted V. Plus plenty of new spinning tricks on spin and static pole, including 1 arm variations! Find out when Get Vertical is on

Pole dancer posing upside down on pole by one leg in a move known as the Inside Leg Hang

Level 3 - Pole Evolution Continues to build on your building blocks towards Advance pole tricks. Here you will learn creative and safe ways to exit from your inverted moves and clever ways to get off the floor back up to standing. You will also learn the fundamentals of those all important leg hang moves. Moves in and out of your layback. As well as more advanced variations of spins such as those with a reverse grab. Expect to learn things like Superman, Forearm Stand, Caterpillar push-ups, Mistress & Empress Leg Hangs (Inside and Outside Leg Hangs)! Let's not forget about working on perfecting those Inverted V's.

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Pole dance instructor demonstrating intermediate pole fitness trickWe know! You’re addicted to pole dancing! That’s OK, you’re amongst friends and we understand (even if your non-pole friends don’t). We’ll start encouraging you to really develop your own unique style, and challenge your mind and body with an incredible cardio and strengthening workout.

(Level 4) Pole Junkies 1 is the start of our Intermedaite series. In this class you will work on things like "The Teddy", "Aerial Inverted V", "Twisted Grip Shoulder Mount Preps", "The Chopper", "Pike & Tuck", "Leg Switches", The straight leg layback “Bat”. You will also continue to work on perfecting and building on your leg hangs, lay backs, spins and other pole tricks from previous levels.

A beautiful pole dancing move for intermediate students


(Level 5) Pole Junkies 2 Continues on from Junkies 1. It is an exciting level where we really start to build on top of those leg hang tricks. You'll work on your "Cupid" and other moves from your leg hang; and start working on Split grip moves like your "Butterfly"


(Level 6) X-treme Junkies Part 3 of our Intermediate courses. You will keep working not only on previous level moves, but we will add more. Expect tricks using different grip points, like "Aerial Flag", "Body Switch", “Extended Butterfly”, “Cocoon”, "The Swan”, “Aerial Superman”, "Pole Hug” and much more!

(Levels 4, 5 & 6) Open Junkies We understand that building advanced skills takes time and practice. That's why we often offer an Open Junkies class on the shedule. This means you can enjoy learning at your own pace. Our Advanced instructors are able to cater to your needs. This is also a great level to take as an extra class!

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Advanced pole fitness trickAre for those who are serious about their pole dancing. These levels are invite only once you have worked really hard to build strong foundations in your pole dancing, you are ready to take on the Advanced tricks and transitions of Pre-Platinum, Platinum & Freaks.


"Jade Splits", Transitions and Combinations in and out of Split Grip Moves, "Ayeshas", Drops, "Cup grip" Shoulder Mounts, "Reverse Climbs", "Brass Monkeys", "Handsprings" and much, much more become part of your class schedule.

Pole dancer demonstrating advanced pole trick holding only with the arms and the body laying out horizontally away from the dance pole

We are constantly building upon your skills and creating big combinations that can be used to build unique routines.

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