Are You NEW To Pol-arise?


Learn aerial yoga silks, pole dancing and aerial hoop/ lyra at Pol-arise Newcastle


Whether it's your first time or you already have experience, we welcome students of ALL levels to join our community.

Our studio vibe is one of inclusion, encouragement, and support--with a heavy dose of silliness!

If you’re just getting started in pole and aerials, it's best to sign up for a Level 1 “Essentials” course. There's Pole Essentials for beginners pole dancing or Aerial Essentials for beginners aerial silks and hoop/ lyra.

These courses are designed for the complete newbie, no prior experience or upper-body strength needed! Pol-arise Pole & Aerial programs will strengthen and condition your entire body as you learn.

We'll start you off with the easy stuff initially to build your fitness and body awareness then gradually we'll give you more challenging tricks to work towards. Content progresses week by week, course by course, as your strength, skill and confidence increases. It won't be long before you're defying gravity and impressing your friends & family with feats of badassery.

After you have completed your first term with us, you have the option to move up to Level 2, repeat Level 1 Essentials or try out a different style of class. Feel fee to progress at your own pace!

Level 1 Essentials Courses are run in 6 week intro terms, with one regular class per week that goes for one hour. Signature Courses from Levels 2 and up are run in 8 week terms.


6 week Term Cost:
Intro Offer for New Students!
Single Course: $170 
Two Classes Per Week: $295


We hold trial classes occasionally so you can come along and try our pole dance & aerial fitness classes before booking into a term course. Places are strictly limited so please book in early to ensure you don't miss out. Check the Timetable page for next available session times.  


Coming to us from another studio or after having some time off??? 

Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss the best class options for you. Students with prior pole experience are welcome to book in online for a casual Pole Fundamentals class for an assessment, just let your instructor know when you arrive that you would like to be graded and they will give you a recommendation on which level you would fit into.

We know in the beginning, you have lots of questions so please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below and feel free to get in touch if you still have questions and would like to chat.


  • What should I wear to class? +

    This really depends on what type of class you're taking...
    Pole Dance Classes - we use our skin to grip the pole so please bring a pair of comfortable shorts (above the knee) and a singlet top or crop top. Most students and instructors go bare foot in pole classes, but you may wish to wear heels in choreography and dance-based pole classes..
    Aerial Classes (Aerial Hoop/ Lyra) - you'll need either 3/4 or full length pants or tights to cover the backs of the knees.
    (Aerial Yoga, Silks & Fabric) – as well as tights, you will also need to wear a t-shirt that covers the armpits. This will prevent any skin burns that can be caused by the fabric. Please do not wear any clothing with zippers, studs or sharp decorations.
    Please remove jewellery (rings, necklaces & watches) before coming to class. Our equipment can damage your jewellery and vice-versa so it is best to leave it at home.
    NO oils, moisturisers or fake tans These will make you slippery on the poles and aerial apparatus. Fake tan and strong perfumes/ deodorants can also be transferred onto the silks so we ask that you please avoid these on the day of class.
  • What else do I need to bring to class? +

    A positive attitude and a sense of humour! :) A bottle of water is also a good idea. If you forget to bring your own, bottled water can also be purchased in the studio.
  • What is the general age of students in your classes? Am I too old to join? +

    The age of students varies greatly. We welcome and encourage students of ALL ages to try out our classes. You're NEVER too old to enjoy the fun and fitness at Pol-arise.
  • Which class should I book into? +

    If you're new to pole dance or aerial, please select one of our beginner level "Essentials" classes.
    If you are coming to us from another studio or after having a break, give us a call to discuss where you are up to and we can work out the best class for you!
  • How long do the classes run? +

    Term Courses are run over a 6 or 8 week term and each class is 60 mins in duration (unless otherwise specified). When you book in for class, you are booking in for whole term.

  • Do you offer private lessons or small group lessons? +

    Yes we do. Private lessons are offered on a one-off casual basis or as a block of 4 or 8 lessons. When booking a block of lessons, all lessons are paid upfront and booked into a regular day/time, either weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs. Instructor rates can be found on the Price List
  • Do I need to book in advance? +

    YES!!! Our class sizes are small to make sure everyone gets plenty of 1 on 1 attention, so it’s important that you book early to ensure a place is available.
  • How do I book and pay for classes? +

    Online – follow the Book Now button on the timetable page to be directed to our online Mindbody booking system. .

    Phone – give us a call and we can take care of everything over the phone. We take *Visa or MasterCard payments, or you can arrange to pay by Internet Transfer or break up your payments and use our Ezidebit system.

    In-Studio – You can book in for a class by popping into the studio during studio hours and make payment by Cash, Eftpos or *Credit/ Debit Card.

    * Merchant Fees – A 1% fee applies to all VISA/ Mastercard payments
  • Is there any paperwork that I need to do? +

    You will be required to complete the following form prior to attending your first class: Class Enrolment Form
  • Do you offer taster or try out classes? +

    We usually hold trial classes every few months. Check the Timetable page for next available sessions or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to go on the waiting list.
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