Covid-19 Policies



The health & safety of our students and staff is our utmost priority!

Do not come to class if you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of Covid.


Updated 10th Jan 2022

Current Covid-19 Requirements:

Check In - required through the QR code/ Service NSW app

Social Distancing - encouraged amongst students. Our instructors will not be spotting or giving hands-on corrections at this time.

Arriving/ Leaving - if you arrive early, please wait outside until your class is ready to start and leave promptly afterwards.

Masks -  while it is not currently mandatory for masks to be worn during dance classes, we ask that everybody wear a mask during classes as well as around the studio

Classes - class sizes are kept small with times staggered to prevent overcrowding in the studio

Missed Classes - flexible make up class policy in the event you need to isolate of get tested for Covid.  

Cleaning - students are supplied with a 80% metho solution and directed to wipe equipment down after class. Floors, bathroom and high-touch areas are cleaned daily by our staff.

BYO Towel - two towels are recommended. One for your body when you get sweaty and one for cleaning. Paper towel is available in the studio.

Sanitiser Station at entry, remember to sanitise your hands upon arrival/leaving the studio

Health Declaration - you will be required to complete a Covid Health Declaration prior to attending classes. This is included in our new digital enrolment form, you can fill out the form here.