What is Ezidebit?
Ezidebit Australia is our online payment provider and can direct your fees on a regular basis, helping you manage your budget better.

What accounts can I use?
You use either your regular bank account or your Visa or Mastercard. We accept both credit and debit cards - as long as it has the Visa or Mastercard logo, you're good to go!

How often do I need to pay?
Your class fees will be debited from your nominated account every 2 weeks and are payable in advance - ie your payment is due at least 3 days before your classes commence.

What happens when I sign up online to use Ezidebit?

1. Your Ezidebit Account will initially be set up for only 1 CLASS P/WEEK. If you wish to add an extra class/es to your Direct Debit Schedule you will need to let us know. Alternatively, you can elect to pay upfront for any extra class/es that you decide to take.

2.  Your first payment ($59.00) will come out at the time that you sign up for Ezidebit and will continue on a fortnghtly basis.
3.  You be electronically signing a Direct Debit Payment Agreement (Contract) with both Pol-arise and Ezidebit.

Is there a minimum term to use Ezidebit?
Yes there is! Your Ezidebit account will be set up for a minimum of 3 x 8 week terms (roughly 6 months).

What do I do, if I need to make changes to my Ezidebit payment arrangement?
You can update your Bank Account or Card Details online yourself 24/7. If you need to make changes to the day OR week that your payments come, or add an extra class/es to your Payment Schedule, just give us a call and we can work it out with you.

Can I cancel my Ezidebit payments any time?
You can cancel before the miniimum term but there's a couple of things you need to be aware of -
   * You need to give us at least 14 days written notice, and
   * Payments cannot be stopped mid-term! Once you commit to a term of classes, your payments are locked in for the whole term.

Are there any extra fees or charges for using this service?
You will pay the normal advertised price for your class/es with Pol-arise, but Ezidebit Australia also have transaction fees that will be deducted from your account -

   * If you haven't used our online payment system before, you will be charged a 1-off Set Up Fee of $2.20
   * If you are using your regular Bank Account, there is a transaction fee of $1.10 for each transaction
   * If you are using your Visa or Mastercard, there is a 2.2% merchant fee for each transaction

What happens if a payment is declined for any reason?
It's important that you make sure you have sufficient funds in your nominated account before the due payment date. It also your responsibility to ensure that bank or card details are correct at all times and that you update your expiry date when you receive a new credit/debit card.

If apayment is declined at any time (for any reason) we will be notified by Ezidebit within a couple of days. Our Accounts Dept will email you to let you know that there's been a glitch with your payment and give you a couple of options to make a Failed Payment Repayment. There is a $15.00 Admin fee from Pol-arise on all failed payments, and your bank and/or Ezidebit may also apply an additional Dishonour Fee.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have, or to make a booking or payment over the phone.