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Aerial Yoga is fun, challenging and includes four different dimensions of fitness; Aerial, Yoga, Strength & Resistance and Stretch/Flexibility – all in a unique zero gravity (or anti gravity) workout which will work every muscle in your body and help you achieve better flexibility, strength and range of movement. It’s a bit like being a big kid in a playground – only better, and you’ll find yourself doing moves like the inverted straddle and flying cannonball (screaming is of course optional).

Aerial Essentials   (for beginners)  - This is where you’ll learn the FUN-damentals of Aerial Yoga ! This innovative class is designed to introduce you to the basics of aerial and give a general overview of the different styles of aerial classes we offer. We’ll cover the basics of using the hammock, using sitting, standing and inverted moves and holds. You’ll also start to work on overall strength and flexibility – and you may even discover a few muscles you didn’t know existed or may have forgotten about . * You don’t need any previous yoga, acrobatics or aerial experience to participate in this class.

Aerial Fitness  ( strength, conditioning, flexibility and tricks) - I ncrease your overall strength, while having fun and learning some more challenging moves. By adding additional techniques from aerial, pilates and calisthenics, this is a workout that is certain to get you in shape and you’ll find the hammock provides the perfect position for some challenging suspended push ups and ab exercises. * You will need to have completed our Aerial Essentials course to join these classes.

Aerial Yoga    (incorporating Stretch n’ Flex)  - An aerial hammock is wonderful way to teach students how to align their bodies with a variety of yoga style moves and inversions – and it’s the perfect way to deepen all kinds of stretches!  It also decompresses the spine and reduces pressure on your joints, increases oxygen and blood flow by hanging upside down, enabling you to focus on developing your core muscle groups. 
* You don’t need any previous yoga, acrobatics or aerial experience to reap the benefits of this class.

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